#TCMoby: The Summer of Moby-Dick Approaches

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Hello friends.

Summer 2014 is looming and a number of us Twin Cities Twitterers are doing a Moby-Dick Or, The Whale read-along. If you’ve always wanted to read Moby-Dick (or if you want to make the occasional “dick” pun), you’re welcome to join us–regardless of location. We’ll be Tweeting with the hashtag #TCMoby (I’m @bethbabbles).

If you’d like, you can also simultaneously read A Whaler’s Dictionary by Dan Beachy-Quick. I’ve made a schedule to read it chronologically along with Moby-Dick, but feel free to use it as if it were a dictionary instead. (Note: I haven’t read it yet, so I can’t attest to how helpful it will be.)

From May 1 through August 28, we will be reading and discussing Moby-Dick via Twitter and this blog. A blog post on each week’s section will go up each Thursday. Comments are welcome.

You have over a month to acquire the book (or both books). I’d recommend your favorite indie bookstore (hem, Magers & Quinn) or nearest Barnes & Noble (let’s support bookstores, guys).

Click here to go to #TCMoby page and access the schedule.

Good luck.

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Melville, Herman. Moby-Dick Or, The Whale. 1851. New York, NY: Barnes & Noble Classics, 2003.

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